Status and Error Codes

When you make an invalid request, you’ll receive a response with an “errors” object.

  "error": {
    "errors": [
        "message": "Unknown argument \"trackedShipment\" on field \"deleteTrackedShipments\" of type \"Mutation\". Did you mean \"trackedShipments\"?",
        "locations": [
            "line": 2,
            "column": 26

The error object provides additional information to let you know the error type. Follow the table below for more information on each type.

400Bad requestThe server will not process the request.
401UnauthorizedNecessary credentials are not present in the request or are incorrect (token).
404Not FoundThe resource isn’t available. This is often caused by querying for something that’s been deleted.
500Internal Server ErrorAn internal error occurred.
503Service UnavailableThe server is currently unavailable.
504Gateway TimeoutThe request could not complete in time.