DCSA Shipment Location Type Code (Exposed April 2024)Windward CodeShipment Location Type NameShipment Location Type Description
PREPREPOL / ORIGINPlace of ReceiptThe location where the cargo is handed over by the shipper, or his agent, to the shipping line. This indicates the point at which the shipping line takes on responsibility for carriage of the container.
POLPOLPort of LoadingThe location where the cargo is loaded onto a first sea-going vessel for water transportation.
PODPODPort of DischargeThe location where the cargo is discharged from the last sea-going vessel.
PDEDEST/POSTPODPlace of DeliveryThe location where the cargo is handed over to the consignee, or his agent, by the shipping line and where responsibility of the shipping line ceases.
PCFPREPOL / ORIGINPre-carriage FromThe start location of the inland movement that takes place prior to the container(s) being delivered to the place of receipt/port of loading for account and risk of merchant (merchant haulage).
PSRPREPOL / ORIGINPrecarriage under shipper’s responsibilityPlace and mode of transportation for pre-carriage (e.g. truck, barge, rail) under shipper's responsibility
OIRDEST/POSTPODOnward In-land RoutingThe location where the cargo is transported from port of discharge to consignee location on consignee's responsibility (merchant haulage).
ORIPREPOL / ORIGINOrigin of goodsThe location of the depot from which the empty container for the transport is released.
IELPREPOL / ORIGINContainer intermediate export stop off locationThe location in which the loaded container goes through export formalities.
FCDDEST/POSTPODFull container drop-off locationThe location where the loaded container is delivered to.
TSPTSPTransshipment locationThe lcoation in which the shipment is discharged and loaded on a different vessel