Describes the status of the shipment*


In transshipment
Empty to shipper
Pickup at shipper
Gate in at first POL
Arrival at POL
Loaded at first POL
Departure from first POL
Arrival at T/S port
Discharge at T/S port
Loaded at T/S port
Departure from T/S port
Port call
Arrival at final POD
Discharge at final POD
Gate out from final POD
Delivery to consignee
Empty return to depot
Carrier Release

DCSA standard for event descriptions

The new event descriptions (starting Q2/2024) are based on DCSA's standard.

The descriptions are based on the following:

  1. equipmentEventTypeCode / transportEventTypeCode / shipmentEventTypeCode
  2. emptyIndicator
  3. shipmentLocationTypeCode

The combinations of the fields above create the event description.


See the following link for more details: