Array describing the details of the delayed ETA

Use this field to enrich the customer experience, and to take actions operationally


createdAtDatetimeThe date and time in which the reason for delay was identified
podETAArrayDetails regarding the ETA for the POD.
reasonsArrayList of the reasons for the delay and dates.
delayReasonCodeEnumA 3-letter code describing the reason for the delay.
vesselsArrayVessels involved in the delay.
VesselId (compared/updated)IdThe Id of the initial vessel reported by the carrier.
departureFromMilestoneDatetimeDetails on the departure from the relevant milestone.
comparedArrayDetails regarding the initial ETA to the POD.
updatedArrayDetails of the updated ETA to the POD.
datetime (compared/updated)DatetimeThe datetime of the compared/updated ETA to the POD.
utcOffset (compared/updated)StringThe UTC offset of the compared ETA to the POD.
portArrayDetails regarding the port in which the delay occurred
shipmentPhaseEnum3 letters code describing the stage of the delay.
locodeStringThe official location code (UNLOCDE) for the port where the delay occurred.
delayReasonDescriptionStringVerbal description of the delay
causeStringDescribing the cause of delay (non active).