The shipment status.


actualArrivalAtDateTimeThe actual arrival time as reported by the carrier.
actualDepartureAtDateTimeThe actual departure time as reported by the carrier.
arrivingAtDateTimeThe last vessel carrying the container has arrived at the final POD.
currentEventStatusEventThe last shipment status event as defined by the carrier.
estimatedArrivalAtDateTimeThe carrier ETA.
estimatedDepartureAtDateTimeThe carrier ETD.
events[StatusEvent]Shipment status events provided by the carrier (standardized by WindWard).

filter: EventsFilterInput
idObjectId!The assigned tracked shipment ID.
milestone(filter: MilestonesFilterInput)[Milestone!]The shipment milestone ports.
podFeatureObjectThe Port of Departure polygon information.
polFeatureObjectThe Port of Load geographic information.
postPodFeatureObjectThe shipment land destination geographic information.
predictedScheduleTimestampsPrediction of the shipment's estimated time of arrival.
delaydelayDetails describing the delay in the PTA to the POD
voyageStatusvoyageStatusDescription of the arrival status of the shipment