Webhook Reference

The webhook-alerting service enables organizations to receive updates regarding vessels' of interest due diligence and compliance Windward risk assessment. The updates are sent to the webhook URL (REST POST method) in JSON format. This is known as the "payload." You can register and deregister vessels from alerting services at any time.

Registering Vessels for Due Diligence and Compliance Risk Updates

Complete Flow

  1. Create a new vessel of interest list using the createVOI mutation.
  2. To add a vessel to the vessels’ list, use addVesselsToVoiBylmo mutation.
  3. For setting the alerting configuration, and switching the alerting service on/off, use the mutation updateVoi.

Payload Example

  "eventTypes": [
  "data": {
    "alertId": "62a99f581865e0097c57b7aa",
    "activities": [
        "activityType": "LOITERING",
        "duration": 37.51638888888889,
        "position": [
        "activityTime": "2022-06-10T07:31:09.000Z"
    "description": "Loitering Related to Venezuela",
    "triggerTime": "2022-06-10T07:31:09.000Z",
    "vessel": {
      "id": "5905c77f1cd6144c68ab8b43",
      "mmsi": 323152000,
      "imo": 9298973,
      "flag": "Cuba",
      "size": 213,
      "name": "DELSA",
      "callsign": "CLBL",
      "class": "Tanker",
      "buildYear": 2005,
      "draught": 6.3,
      "reportedPort": {
        "name": "FOR ORDER",
        "eta": "2022-01-14T12:00:00.000Z",
        "country": null
      "lastTransmission": {
        "ts": "2022-01-19T06:57:11.000Z",
        "course": 170,
        "sog": 0.1,
        "longitude": -75.6117,
        "latitude": 20.795916666666667
    "metadata": {
      "sentAt": "2023-01-26T07:24:56.858Z"